Cynomys Inc - Actuarial Consulting Firm

Serving Plan Sponsors and Professional Firms

Cynomys, Inc. is an actuarial consulting firm specializing in two distinct areas. The first is post retirement medical and life plans. Services include plan design, due diligence, and valuations for FAS 106 (as modified by FAS 158 including FAS 132 disclosures), SOP 92-6 and IAS 19 as well as assistance with Medicare Part D Subsidy applications. The second area is in multiemployer health and welfare funds. Services include plan design, forecasting, claims analysis, pricing, and reserve (IBNR) analysis.

The design and costs of retire medical plan have always been difficult to understand. The Medicare Part D and changes in accounting standards have made this area even more challenging. Furthermore, few consultants truly understand these types of plans because they require expertise in two disparate areas of the actuarial profession (pensions and health & welfare).

Cynomys, Inc. can help the plan sponsor by providing expert design, analysis, due diligence and valuation reports meeting accounting standards in a timely fashion at a reasonable price. As a qualified actuary, Cynomys can evaluate and certify creditable coverage or attest to actuarial equivalence for purposes of the retiree drug subsidy. We can also help the professional by performing these services on either a subcontracted or co-branded basis.

Multiemployer health and welfare trusts can be effective vehicles for providing benefits to union employees if properly managed. Our extensive experience with forecasting, design and pricing in a collective bargaining environment can help bring this about.

Cynomys, Inc.